Vertigo Climbing Wall – Training Video

Training Video for Vertigo Climbing Wall

Vertigo Climbing Wall in the Eldon Square Sports Centre in Newcastle, is a fantastic new facility opened recently. The relative ‘dangerous’ nature of climbing requires that everyone who uses the centre, must first being safely inducted and made aware of the protocol around the facility. Target Audience would be anyone seeking to use the wall…

We needed to develop a script which would suit all ages, without being either patronising, tedious or limited in content. Knowing that audiences would simply want to ‘get on the walls’, we needed to convey important safety information both succinctly and in an interesting format. Content was shot over one day, capturing all the walls and necessary safety content, reflecting the script narrative.

All users of the Vertigo Climbing wall will be required to watch the Training Video prior to using the wall. Customers will view content will be played over a large TV unit before being signed off for action! We also developed more generic promotional content to be used for promotional purposes around the leisure centre.

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