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The exponential growth of sites like YouTube has led to a huge increase in the number of businesses using online video as part of their ‘content marketing’ strategy. The practice of deploying relevant, entertaining and well produced video across social media networks, is a remarkably effective method of reaching new audiences and driving traffic to your website.

For online video content to connect with target audiences, production values must meet an appropriate standard. Simply uploading raw content to YouTube will rarely drive success, and may often result in negative responses. Whilst the phrase ‘Content is king’ may be widespread, quality over quantity is key. If you are representing your brand with Video Production, you should apply the same rules as you would to any other form of communication; ensure that quality is front of mind at all times. Sure, there is place for the odd raw Twitter or Facebook video post, but in the main, your audience will expect quality.

To help businesses harness the power of Video Production, we offer Free Workshops and can provide flexible training for individuals and organisations on request. These sessions cover all aspects of kit, video capture and post-production, where required. Following training, you should have the knowledge and skills to confidently capture and edit video content. Video Production Training is available to learners at all stages of ability.

Training with Three Motion

With over 100 years combined industry knowledge, we enjoy sharing best practice with our regional and national partners. Training is designed to be both fun and informative, offering bespoke training where required, helping organisations use video content more effectively.