YouTube Marketing

The worlds second largest search engine...

Harness the power of YouTube

With over 72 hours of footage being uploaded to YouTube every minute, how do you successfully market your business on the world’s largest video site? YouTube Marketing takes advantage of the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube… and by doing so you’ll reach new audiences and drive additional traffic to your website. But with so many videos out there how can you be sure that your business will have any effect other than a splash in an undoubtedly large ocean?

In deploying your video content, we’ll help you to understand and capitalise on the popularity of YouTube. Within this there will be discussions on your best keywords, headings and perhaps most important of all, audience, audience, audience.

Our Digital Marketing team can help you build and populate your branded YouTube channel, optimise the platform effectively and provide tips and techniques for attracting visitors to the site. We’ll show you how to drive custom through YouTube and towards your own website, driving more sales and retaining customers through informative video content.

Video Marketing with Three Motion

We believe that execution is equally as important as production; the final mile, deploying your content professionally, can make all the difference. Whether you require us to simply integrate your content within appropriate Social Media Channels, or develop a comprehensive Video Marketing Campaign, we are here to help you make the most of your content. Using a variety of online video platforms and techniques, to communicate your film effectively will always provide a greater chance of reaching new online audiences.