2D Animation

Once upon a time...

Story telling through animation

2D Animation is a popular style of animation which lends itself to a range of projects. Due to its flexibility, 2D animation is widely used and whilst it can be produced in isolation, it may often form an integral part of a wider video production project. Sometimes referred to as ‘motion graphics’, 2D is the perfect medium for storytelling or for simply enhancing your production.

Style and subject matter will usually be determined by your business, audience and the message you are looking to communicate. As always, we will seek to complement any existing brand assets in your production, aligning the project with your wider communications strategy.

Story and substance is equally as important as style. A great looking animation with no audience, will go little way to achieving your objectives. Our team start with your audience and work backwards to develop a story line and structure which will leave a lasting impression. As always, our team will help at deployment stage, ensuring you message hits the spot.