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Three Motion, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is the region’s leading Video Production, Animation and Creative Training agency. We’re trusted by some of the best companies in the world.

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  • “…Three Motion was flexible to work with our needs. The process really simple… Definitely use Three Motion again.”

  • Mark case study quote

    “Not only could you encapsulate that convoluted nature of film and animation but it was the most useful method to communicate audiences.”

  • Gestamp tallent logo

    “There is so much we could do using video and media… It immerses people into the presentation a little bit more and it makes a lot more interesting.”

  • special iapps

    “Meeting Three Motion beforehand the team really listened… We just wanted somebody else to come in with that expertise and do it.”

  • Hobbyweld - case study

    “The process of making the film was very easy… I think anyone who doesn’t have a video on their website, really needs to start thinking about one.”

  • Sec-Tech

    “Put your concept together, get your ideas and have a word with the guys at Three Motion. Trust their expertise and they will deliver for you.”

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