BarreConcept Project

MyBody Studios is the North East’s premier venue for holistic exercise. We’ve worked with Emma for over four years, having created training DVDs and other promotional videos to raise awareness of her studio and classes. Her energy and attention to detail are amazing and we’re all absolutely worn out by the end of the shoot!

As one of the leading trainers of BarreConcept, Emma wanted to create a montage which provided an insight into the some of the techniques and training methods covered in her class.

We shot this digital video on a DLSR camera to give it a ‘cinematic’ feel. Emma wanted this to appear ‘Arty’, so Black and White was decided for the final look.

Emma is great at building her online audiences across her social media networks. This particular clip has amassed over 2000 views through her PilatesUnion channel already:

We also created a Barre Concept workout clip for Emma to enter a competition with (purposefully shot to look like a home movie) which has had over 1,176,612 views. Not bad for a project costing less than £500!

‘Every time I need a new digital video produced to drive my business, I go straight to Three Motion. They are an integral part of how I market my companies services and always flex to meet the changing demands of what we do here.’ – Emma Newham