Corporate Video for ElectroCore

Few partners we work with are as life changing as the team at ElectroCore. Based in the US, their founder invented an incredibly powerful medical device, which takes a completely new approach to the effective treatment of migraine and cluster headache sufferers. The GammaCore device which is positioned on a pulse point in the neck is being adopted by clinical specialists around the world, and in the UK, a small number of sufferers are now receiving real relief by using the device.

We were asked to create case study video content bringing together the story of a number of sufferers. Working closely with Sarah of Vane Percy Roberts, we planned our shoot at a single location in Covent Garden in central London. Patients travelled from around the UK and Ireland for their interviews with us, which were carefully shot with supporting general views from the area. In post production, our Head of Post Karis brought the content together and after a very emotional journey making the film, we hope you enjoy it and can better understand the challenges faced by sufferers.

This corporate content is being used around the globe to educate, inform and present by medical professionals, the ElectroCore team and patient and professional groups focused on Cluster headaches and Migraines. The content is also shared extensively online through websites and social media.