Character Animation for Megabus

‘Sid’ has been famously emblazoned across the side of Megabus coaches for many years; his creators thought it was about time he was brought to life. The team at Megabus in Newcastle knew they wanted Sid’s stories and adventures to be shared as much as possible, so we needed to create a character that would pay homage to the existing designs on the buses – but also provide scope to develop further. Sid was also being made into a puppet – so it was decided to introduce puppet Sid within the animations themselves.

Various designs were considered. Sid needed to be both lovable and responsible (he’s a bus driver after all)! His character developed through several conceptual stages until we were all happy with the ‘new look’ of Sid. Next up was sourcing a suitable voice to play Sid. We can’t that give away – but we think our actor plays a great part!

In this second episode we discover all about the Megabus ‘Megamoment’.

There are another five stories currently in creation. We’re planning to help Megabus share the adventures with Sid across all social media channels and through Sid’s Blog and his Facebook Page. Puppet Sid will shortly be hitting our screens in ‘Sid’s Deals’ where he will be bringing us all his hot offers and news. It’s still early days but we hope Sid will be a big hit with his fans!

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