Animation for Sec-Tech

Sec-Tech, a large security company in London, asked Three Motion to help them communicate better with their audience and improve their online presence. We felt the best way to do this was by creating a promotional video (above) and a social video about Geo-tagging, designed to gain lots of shares and backlinks to boost Sec-Tech’s search ranking on Google.

For security reasons, we couldn’t show Sec-Tech’s clients or show real life examples. We decided to use animation to go beyond the realms of reality to talk about a real life story.

The animation has been deployed on Sec-Tech’s website and social media channels. Sec-Tech used the video hosting provided by Three Motion to boost their website’s SEO and we showed them the best ways to share their video online to maximise the impact it had.

‘The videos look great. We have received many excellent complements! So well done you guys!’ – Bob Morrison, Director at Sec-Tech

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