Promotional Video for Story Homes

Story Homes are building a plot of new homes on in prestigious Wynyard. Initially, we were commissioned to document via time-lapse camera, capturing the process of the build over a number of months. Time-lapse is great – but rarely conveys an all-important narrative. We, therefore, suggested, for the purpose of inspiring both stake-holders and potential customers, to develop a series of case study videos throughout the build process.

With such great footage at our disposal, it was decided to develop this further to create a Promotional Video, showing off the properties, enticing potential customers by inviting them inside these beautiful homes.

To do full justice to the properties, we flew drone in and around the houses, demonstrating their idyllic positioning in the countryside. Footage subtly introduces some of the benefits of the area, the house and the surrounding amenities.

Initially, the time-lapse footage was used internally and externally to drive interest in the development and start the ‘buzz.’ A series of three case studies would be released over social media, capturing the imagination of potential purchasers. The Promotional Video clip will be used in a variety of ways, raising awareness and generating enquiries at the site.

hoults yard
Union Square Hospitality Sector
Estuary View Hospitality Sector